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Upgrade Culture

Nov 4 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM


511 Building - Arlene and Harold Schnitzer Center for Art and Design

Free and open to the public

Community Events

511 NW Broadway
Portland, Oregon, 97209   [map]

A conversation with Portland-based new media artists Erika M. Anderson, Paul Clay, Mathew Lippincott, Megan McKissack, and Tabitha Nikolai on the impact of emergent technology on creative practice. Topics will include: the function of fad and novelty in consumer and fine art aesthetics, the shifting nature of place, self, and access amidst near-constant connectivity, the ways in which art and design create an aesthetic veneer for corporate interests and what the role of the artist is or could be in this context.

Erika M. Anderson (EMA) is a musician and multimedia artist. She grew up in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and currently lives on the west coast. Her latest projects include the single “Active Shooter” and an interview with sci-fi author William Gibson for Papermag.

Paul Clay is a digital creator in 3D and 2D, he received his BA in Visual Arts (concentration in Interactive Media and Computer Science) from Reed College in 2010. Clay’s works are designed to not only provide a sense of wonder and playfulness, but also to provoke critical thought, about pop culture, gender, and issues of race: “I seek to exploit the absurdities and beauty present in our reactionary pop mainstream and carve out new territory in digital experiences.”

Mathew Lippincott works at the intersection of design, public policy, and environmental pollution. As a co-founder and Director of Production at Public Lab he oversees the development of new hardware kits for environmental data collection, aimed at low-cost community-based science. Mathew also plays with flying machines and occasionally makes sculptural and light-based artworks. in his free time he flies kites and balloons and volunteers with Pacific Spaceflight. He is on twitter as @headfullofair

Megan McKissack is a video and projection artist inspired by esoteric ritual and imperfection. She merges art and technology with analog influences and works to build reciprocal and intuitive relationships with musicians through live visual performance.

Tabitha Nikolai is a visual artist, and writer. She is the co-founder and co-curator of Compliance Division, a Portland project space. Her work is concerned with the implications and intersections of digital technologies, capitalism, fantasy, gender, the occult, and net-based subcultures. She holds an MFA in Visual Studies from PNCA and a BFA in Painting and Drawing from the University of Utah, where she also acted as Dungeon Master. More at

This talk is sponsored in part by the Regional Arts and Culture Council.