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retracing // my steps : Addie Lehuauakea Fernandez

Apr 6, 2017 – Apr 23, 2017


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a footstep

an imprint

a singular breath of incalculable duration (( inhale ))

a momentary point of connection between all other connected points

lingering trails always leave a path to their origin

fragmentary threads want to weave themselves together

collect the bundles

mend the breaks

bend the line closer to the bare ground

and let it touch

a collective sigh of indefinite circles (( exhale ))

an imprint

a footstep

Addie Lehuauakea Fernandez is a Native Hawaiian-Japanese interdisciplinary artist from Hilo, Hawaii. She has participated in several group shows in Portland, Oregon, most recently “Etàt de Siege (Under Siege)” at Disjecta Contemporary Art Center (January 2017). Through painting, sculpture, performance, or otherwise, her art serves as a means of exploring human relationships, cultural identity, and innate ties to the natural world. The artist currently lives and explores in Portland, Oregon, while completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting at Pacific Northwest College of Art.

Nat Turner Project is an uncompromising radical space - filling a void in Portland. NTP allows artists of color to go beyond the usual initial expositions inherent in presenting art borne of marginalized perspectives to a dominant culture; allowing them the freedom to create or express their own language within and without the parameters of racial commodification or designation. NTP creates an environment of inclusivity, a communal harbor for artists previously silenced by institutional constraints, and actively provides priority spaces to artists of color; allowing others the privilege of viewership from an outsider role. Nat Turner Project, not just a name.

Nat Turner Project is Melanie Stevens & maximiliano


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