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Designing with Data

Jun 22 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM


511 Building - Arlene and Harold Schnitzer Center for Art and Design

Shipley/Collins Mediatheque

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511 NW Broadway
Portland, Oregon, 97209   [map]

Data is everywhere. All the time. In our personal lives, our professional lives, and the times and places in between from our grocery store reward cards, to smart cars, to our social media and consumer lives. And it’s not just numbers. It’s a complex eco-system of information that can paint highly detailed pictures of individuals, groups, and entire communities and communicated in a wide variety of formats, channels, and mechanisms. In short, it’s a design problem in about a thousand different ways.

PNCA’s MFA in Collaborative Design and partner Design + Strategy invite you to join us and a fantastic panel of experts who have worked with data in a wide variety of ways and will share their expertise, experience and perspectives to help us explore design considerations for capturing, analyzing, and communicating data of various kinds.

Skye Moret is a data visualizer at Periscopic, with field experience in oceanography, and an MFA in Information Design + Visualization from Northeastern University. She taught a wonderful 5-week Data Communication and Visualization workshop for PNCA this past term. She’ll help us explore the fascinating topic of data visualization.

Matt Moraksy is a former design consultant with XPLANE, co-author of Art of Opportunity, and an experienced, world-class practitioner of design and visual thinking. He’ll help us explore key design considerations for navigating the complex world of data.

Scott Donnell is a director, designer and creative thinker, Scott has incubated new design offerings from inside agencies and in-house, across all media formats but always in the context of our digital world. He has partnered with brands including Xbox, Coca-Cola, Luxottica, Skype, Apple, and many more. He’ll help us explore how to be a force multiplier to collaborate with other designers more effectively to do their best work.

Ryan Summers is an Experience Optimization lead helping clients align user experience, business goals, branding, marketing metrics, and business analysis, run optimization and personalization programs, unlock trapped revenue, and helping brands learn more about their customers through qualitative and quantitative key performance indicators. He’ll help us explore what it’s like in the trenches of using data to create value.


• 5:00pm Peter Schoonmaker introduces PNCA’s MA in Design Systems, Launching Fall 2017!

• 5:30pm Eat, Drink, and Mingle!

• 6:00pm Downbeat, Introductions, and Agenda

• 6:30pm Panel Discussion

• 7:30pm Small Group Design exercise

• 8:30 Report Back, Close and Plus/Delta