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MFA Collaborative Design 2017 + HATCH

Jul 26 4:30 PM - 7:00 PM


Off Campus Exhibition

Free and Open to the public


Please join MFA Collaborative Design 2017 alums for brief overviews of their work, given two months of reflection after graduating in May. Their work is featured at Hatch Innovation and will be the subject of conversation during Hatch’s monthly community gathering.

The MFA CD class of 2017 has worked together on projects including tactical urbanism, curation, product launch, data visualization, event design and more. One recurring theme that binds these projects - and the Capstone Projects in this show - is a concern for and potential impact on the future of the creative endeavor.

How will we work, create, repair, and “mark” together in the coming years? This is the simplest distillation of the much richer and more complex questions that this cohort has explored for the past two years. The answers are equally complex, and also tenuous, speculative, inspiring, insightful, and potentially impactful. And that last thing - that’s what we’re all about.

Celina Coppetti - Creators League How can seemingly disparate creative communities work better together, what are the tools that cut across all disciplines, and what are the cross-disciplinary tools that emerge out of new technology?

Joel Newman - Portland Repair Finder How can the practice of repair - through initiatives like PRF - impact consumer culture, grow as a relevant, valuable, community-centered sector.

Amanda Schurr – Design for Work What are our relationships with work today, and what they will mean tomorrow, when what we do on an individual plane ripples within an increasingly asynchronous workforce?

Michelle Vorce - present continuum What does the space in between the hand and digital methods reveal about the blurred human - machine relationship and create dialog a toward the imperfect?