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Graduate Symposium Panel: Disrupting Design Complacency. Hosted by the MFA in Collaborative Design

Oct 6 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM


511 Building - Arlene and Harold Schnitzer Center for Art and Design


Free and Open to the Public


511 NW Broadway
Portland, Oregon, 97209   [map]

THIS FRIDAY, the MFA in Collaborative Design will kick off PNCA’s Graduate Symposium with a roundtable discussion on the topic of “Disrupting Design Complacency”.

Moderated by Chris Phillips, we’ll hear from PDX designers who are pushing boundaries and changing the design landscape: Kate Bingaman-Burt, Danielle Olsen, Jade Frank, and Amanda Schurr (MFA CD ‘17).

The Panelists:

Chris Phillips is the founder of Socrates Cafe. Those who take part in Socrates Cafés share the sensibility of the fifth century BC philosopher Socrates that continual close encounters with others of a philosophical kind, engaging in impassioned yet thoughtful exchanges of ideas and ideals, is a portal to sculpting what the Greeks of old called Arête —all-around excellence, of a sort that is an individual and collective pursuit rolled into one.

Kate Bingaman-Burt is an illustrator and educator. Her work orbits around the objects in our lives: the things we buy, the things we discard, and the collectivity and social interaction that can arise from cycles of consumption. Via illustrations, daily documentation, publications, events, large-scale participatory projects, client work, and a full-time role as educator, Kate’s work invites a dialogue about contemporary forms of exchange. She is an Associate Professor in Graphic Design at Portland State University and sits on the boards of Design Week Portland and Independent Publishing Resource Center. This spring she opened her community space Outlet which holds workshops, events and houses a zine library.

Jade Frank is a Community Manager at Context Partners, a firm that helps brands and causes worldwide find and engage their most valuable customers and employees. For the past eight years she has worked across sectors leading the design and mobilization of social change networks, with a special focus in the global women’s and girls’ movements. Whether engaging youth leaders, international development practitioners or policymakers, Jade builds the relationships and tools that drive collective action. With roots in the Alaskan Arctic and investigative journalism, Jade has lived, worked and mobilized change in communities across the Pacific Northwest, Latin America, Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Amanda Schurr is a pop culture editor/journalist from the Southeast who holds a B.A. in Film Theory/Criticism from New College of Florida. She is pursuing research on the future of place- and time-asynchronous work. She is working toward an M.F.A. in pursuit of a “dare-to-be-great situation,” and maybe easing back on the movie quotes. Maybe.

Danielle Olson is a visual strategist who specializes in information design and graphic recording. Currently she is Communications and Content Manager for Hatch Innovation Lab, a 501c3 social enterprise that empowers citizens to launch enterprises that improve their communities.

In PNCA’s BridgeLab Doors at 5pm Roundtable begins at 5:30pm