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Dirtbag Damien Hirst

Nov 2, 2017 - Nov 30, 2017


511 Building - Arlene and Harold Schnitzer Center for Art and Design


Free and open to the public


511 NW Broadway
Portland, Oregon, 97209   [map]

OPENING RECEPTION // Nov 2nd // 6-9pm

FEATURING // Hayley Bauske, Giuliano Bruno, Clint Caffee, Hannah Concannon, Cordelia Daniels, J.D. Freel, Ben Glas, K.M. Gregga, Sam Johnston, Eric Long, Katie Mitchell, Ian Nichols, Hannah G. Nissen, Lauren Prado, Elena Thomas, Sean Yeager, and M.J. Zellars

Unrepentant pioneer of the “old white guys creating work with and about money,” genre, Damien Hirst represents a particular cadre of art making that remains inaccessible to most, infuriating to some, and polarizing to all. From the diamond encrusted human skull “For the Love of God,” to his most recent exhibition “Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable – Damien Hirst,” his work soars ever further into the realm of flagrant appropriation, massive profit, and absurd, over-the-top opulence. How can we respond to this man who financially moves the global art market in ways we might never achieve?

Dirtbag Damien Hirst is a show of DIY-style duplicates or other Hirst inspired work in any medium with one hardline restriction: the materials, fabrication, and/or making of the piece must cost $10 or less. All work is for sale at a 400% markup ($50).

The Curatorial Fellow and MFA in Visual Studies candidate James Knowlton is the present facilitator of exhibitions at the Lodge Gallery inside Allied Works Architecture and PNCA’s MFA Galleries/Student Project Spaces at 511 NW Broadway.