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Leland Iron Works 2017 Resident Show: Accumulating Energies

Nov 2, 2017 - Nov 22, 2017


511 Building - Arlene and Harold Schnitzer Center for Art and Design

Lemelson Mezzanine

Free and Open to the Public


511 NW Broadway
Portland, Oregon, 97209   [map]

Located just east of Oregon City, Leland Iron Works is the home and studio of sculptor Lee Kelly and his family. Lee, who graduated from the Museum Art School in 1959 along with his wife Bonnie Bronson (’62) moved from North Portland to the rural property in 1963. They created a space close to nature that fostered the growth of their children and their art practices, and served as a sanctuary for their creative friends and colleagues. For over 50 years, Leland Iron Works has been home to artists, activists, musicians, writers, climbers, architects, poets, and dancers. The residency program at Leland Iron Works is a continuation of that legacy.

Leland Iron Works has grown into an established residency space with support from The Ford Family Foundation’s “Golden Spot” Residency Grant. The “Golden Spot” program supports artist residency programs in culturally and historically significant locations in Oregon. Over the past two years this grant has enabled us to award stipends for supported month-long residencies at LIW to five established Oregon artists per year. In addition, this grant allows PNCA to offer one month residencies to emerging artists at no cost to the artists. This generous grant enables greater support for the property, attracts artists to campus for workshops, talks and class visits, and expands opportunities for engagement for the PNCA community. With the continued support of The Ford Family Foundation, the Kelly family and PNCA, Leland Iron Works will provide valuable work space and time for emerging and established artists in the coming years.

The 2017 “Golden Spot” Residents are: Heather Goodwind, Kristy Kun, Daniela Molnar (PNCA Faculty), Crystal Schenk (PNCA Faculty), and Tammy Jo Wilson (BFA ‘03) The 2017 Emerging Artists are: Lindsey Butler (BFA ‘16), Colin Cathey (BFA ‘18), Aaron Smith (BFA‘18), Daniel Hunt, Clairissa Stephens and Jennifer Viviano (MFA ACD ‘17)

Accumulating Energies speaks to the accrual of creative energy over time. Environments and works of art, be they material or ephemeral, share the unique ability to capture and express the energies of their creators. Many of this year’s artists created and revealed their own energetic experiences in whatever medium they were working with. Layers, undulations, attention to what is present and what is absent, collaborations, shifts in perspective; these themes have run throughout the work produced at Leland in 2017. Lee Kelly’s work and the forested environment his family has established is evidence of the power of time, stewardship and creativity to shape a landscape. Now, after the recent four years of residents inhabiting the “Machine Shed”, our residents are experiencing the lingering and layered presence of many artists stewarding a lived in, loved and shared studio space. These accumulating energies are revealed in the work connecting and propelling us towards a lifetime of creative practice.