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image: Lynsee Sardell

PNCA Artist Talks on Art + Science

Nov 6 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM


Mediatheque at PNCA

Free and Open to Public


511 NW Broadway
Portland, OR, 97209   [map]

Come hear from students talk about their experiences in art:sci collaborations:

Kimber Tidd, BFA AA’18: “Forgotten Treasures: Animation Outreach to Preserve Indigenous culture & Endangered Species”

Lynsee Sardell, MFA VS’18: “Flow: Experiences of an Artist-in-Residence with NOAA Fisheries”.

Anke Gladnick, BFA IL’18: “A Fish Out Of Water: Illustrating the Magic of Salmon in the California Landscape”

Stephanie Fogel, IM’16: “Art as Vehicle for Public Awareness”

Molly Alloy, MFA VS’18: “Embedded with the Oregon Department of Agriculture Bee Project: An Artistic Response”.

Egg Dahl, IM’18: “Urban Forests: A Complex History of Human Intervention”

These students’ work can be see as part of the current exhibition NatureCulture: Art + Ecology + Science. These projects are part of the programming for PNCA’s Art + Science Initiative.