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My Hard Drive is Broken: Sean Chamberlain + Linden How

Nov 16, 2017 - Nov 30, 2017


Falcon Building

3rd Floor, Falcon

Free and open to the public


321 NW Glisan
Portland, OR, 97209   [map]


ABOUT: In a post-internet world, Chamberlain and How choose to interrogate and challenge the dominant and oppressive modes of information dissemination. How do previously suppressed histories find the light of the present? What makes something worthy of being remembered? How do we collect the incorporeal for preservation? Who decides this? The two artists’ work is in conversation about the abstraction and distortion of information. How certain histories have to be physically exchanged through hands, in private, for safety. Further, they explore the nature of information storage and its own modes of operation. In our current climate where information, knowledge, and histories are prismatically fractured and altered, what is a living archive?

Linden How is an artist and academic art librarian in Portland, OR. She has exhibited at hq objective, Disjecta, and Littman White and is a founding member of LOUD (Librarians Organized for Universal Dignity).

Sean Chamberlain is a queer artist and curator currently living in Portland, OR. Chamberlain’s practice predominantly manifests through publication work, nightlife and performance, as well as being engaged through installation, curatorial work and writing. S/He has exhibited at GAK Space, One Grand Gallery and has performed in various nightclubs, both above and below ground. Chamberlain is the Co-Director and Co-Curator of project205, a free educational archive for queer media and literature.

First Brick is the curatorial collaboration of Molly Alloy, Allynn Carpenter, and James Knowlton. First Brick offers a platform for those individuals who resist assimilation within heteronormative white supremacist patriarchy. First Brick creates non-dogmatic spaces that are constantly in flux, in location and in practice. We focus on perspectives which celebrate and examine queer intersectionality and the radical divergence of the queer community. It is our goal not to centralize an identity of queerness but instead to emphasize queerness as an expansive realm of concepts and unbecoming. The first brick can be a brave act of dissent against the establishment, or the first gesture towards a new foundation.