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Professional Artists Coming Together (PACT) Workshop: Where are we when going through change?

Jul 22 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Off-Campus Alumni Event

Alumni Events


The Dark Moon: Where are we when going through change?

Join artist and designer Jennifer Viviano, MFA ‘17 and recent Leland Iron Works artist in resident in this workshop to learn both symbolic and concrete skills to work with your evolving art practice.

How do you recognize and manage through change in your art practice? These passages can be external situations like moving studios or internal transformation such as getting out of school or finishing a large body of work. This workshop focuses on understanding the process of change and the structures you might need to see your way through transformation—as well as discovering what you might want to take with you from the place you have just been to create a sense of continuity in your work. Preparing yourself for this inevitability or pausing while you’re in its storm, can help you adapt without losing a sense of your purpose or progress.

This will be an outdoor event on a shady forested property. Light snacks and drinks will be provided, but feel free to bring snacks and drinks with you. The event will start at 11am and the workshop will run from 12pm-3pm. Guests are encouraged to stay until 4pm for conversation and reflection after. Tickets are $10. Location provided at time of ticket purchase.

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Jennifer Viviano is a 2017 graduate of the Applied Craft & Design joint MFA program with PNCA and OCAC. Viviano’s artwork spans two and three dimensions and in both she examines form and surface, creating aesthetic and conceptual ties between her dual practices. Driven by a desire to converse with the inexplicable, she investigates embodiment, transcendence, and ritual. The indeterminate margin between two and three dimensions expresses the interval of mystery she seeks. She is currently creating spaces, even when they are small and suggestive, where we might contemplate new ways of encountering the world. Close, hidden, mysterious voids are often where we come to know things. Or where knowledge comes to us. It is actually the space between, the cracks that open and take us in or form a passage through which we come, changed in some way. Perhaps you could say, born. It is this space that she pursues as both a metaphor for contemplation and as an object in its own right.

Professional Artists Coming Together (PACT) is a series of events for artists to meet and have conversations about art practices and careers. Each month a new topic will serve as the springboard to start a dialog about ideas and issues that impact our lives. PACT is about creating an opportunity for artist to connect with each other in an open and supportive environment. All artists are welcome.

PACT events are organized by Art in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest College of Art Alumni Council.