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Expanding Expanded Cinema

Jul 13 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


Off Campus Exhibition


Graduate Exhibitions

Expanding Expanded Cinema Featuring: DB Amorin Christina Smiros Rachel Wolf Kalaija Mallery Nicole Baker

Third Room at Third Space 707 NE Broadway #205

On view July 13-31, open hours Saturdays 1-4 or by appointment. Opening Reception July 13, 7-10pm

Show Manifesto: This is an exhibition of expanded cinema, interpreted as we please for the digital era. We deconstruct linear narratives, incorporate performance, encourage participation, break cinema down to pure light and image, and beyond.
This is DIY spectacle, home-grown razzle dazzle.

This exhibition is not about boundaries, it is about transgression through media. We will further expand the idea of expanded cinema.