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PNCA's Low-Residency MFA Creative Writing Winter Residency Lectures

Jan 4 1:00 PM - Jan 12 2:00 PM


511 Building - Arlene and Harold Schnitzer Center for Art and Design


Graduate Community Events

511 NW Broadway
Portland, Oregon, 97209   [map]

As part of the Winter Low-Residency MFA in Creative Writing program, PNCA offers talks, discussions, and readings by acclaimed writers, January 4th to January 12th. Everything is free and open to the public. All events (unless otherwise stated) are in Room 601, PNCA, 511 SW Broadway.

Saturday Jan 4 1pm-1:50pm: Lecture / Cole Cohen / Open to the Public: Sharing Stories of Exception

2pm-2:50pm: Lecture / Matt Hart / Writing the Unfathomable: Some Remarks on the Poetic Sublime

Sunday, Jan 5 10am -10:50am: Lecture / Alison C Rollins / The Art of Apophenia: Seeing Beyond Sight

Monday, Jan 6 10am-10:50am: Lecture / Walidah Imarisha / Visionary Fiction

11am-11:50am: Lecture / Chelsea Biondolillo / Science, nature, and research in hybrid prose forms

4:30pm-5:20pm: Lecture / Perrin Kerns / The Lyric Essay with Constraint

Tuesday, Jan 7 10am-10:50am: Lecture / Tyrone Williams / Only a cry absent its mouth

Thursday, Jan 9 10am-10:50am: Lecture / Brandon Shimoda / Hypnagogic Writing: Notes on the Subterranean Spring

Friday, Jan 10 10am-10:50am: Lecture / Alejandro de Acosta / Publication-at-any-stage

Saturday, Jan 11 10am-10:50am: Lecture / Jay Ponteri / Listening for the Emergent

Sunday, Jan 12

10am-10:50am: Lecture / Lisa Radon / Speculative Frictions