Robert Henke

Sep 24 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM


Free and open to the public. Image courtesy of the artist.


The BFA in Video and Sound program presents Berlin-based artist Robert Henke for a lecture titled “Sound, Structures, and Machines.”

Berlin-based artist Robert Henke provides an insight into his sonic and audiovisual works, both from an artistic and technical perspective. Most of his works are created by building his own software based machines that provide some sort of output by themselves, using algorithmic and stochastic methods. Henke then refines these systems or further processes the results in order to achieve the desired artistic output. This way of working blurs the boundaries between composition, performance, and installation and allows for an intuitive and spontaneous interaction with the material. Robert Henke will explain his working method using examples from previous and upcoming installations and concert setups. Henke’s tools of choice include MaxMSP and Ableton Live, therefor some basic knowledge of these programs is helpful, but not a necessary prerequisite to follow the lecture. The lecture will end with a discussion if desired. 

Henke performs as part of SIX on September 23, the night before this lecture. Read more about the event here.