Pop w/o Pop

Nov 7, 2013 - Nov 30, 2013


Free and open to the public.
Image: Maciej Makalowski
A Real Past to the State of Happiness
Photo Copy, Colored Pencil, and Oil Paint on canvas


Pop w/o Pop was born from sun baked conversations where we swirled about ideas of images being forged and shoved around today with a tendency to connote mass distributed cultural trends rather than utilizing the toys of commerce in production passion plays. The works we were after tend towards representational, though even the abstractions selected are resisting the non-objective arena, or what Jerry Saltz is calling, “Neo-Mannerism. We all know it. That ever-expanding assembly of anemically boring, totally safe artistic clichés squeezing the life out of the art world right now.” This yawning approach is tossed aside and rather the artists here straddle the pop divas and viral videos of the day, choosing icons of their life and times from the really real virtual and too good to be stranger than fiction as muses for images and objects. At times these paintings look like our friends through the lens of fun and love, not an Instagram filter, while others remind us of the smell of our Grandmother. For Pop w/o Pop we resisted the desire to friend request everyone, to over-hang or succumb to the pressure of the gigantic space of the PNCA Commons. Rather we have kept the space open, letting the works appear and disappear into voluminous drywall, popping.

Luca Antonucci
Tia Factor
Lori Gilbert
Lindsay Kennedy
Robert Khasho
Maciej Makalowski
Wilder Schmaltz
Cyrus Smith

Curated by: Modou Dieng & Mack McFarland
Opening Reception Nov. 7th 6:00pm - 8:00pm