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The Tool at Hand PDX Challenge

Dec 5 11:00 AM - Jan 11 6:00 PM


Free with Museum admission. MoCC is always free to Members and the PNCA community.


What would it be like to create a work of art using only one tool?

In the spring of 2011, the Chipstone Foundation, Milwaukee Art Museum, curator Ethan Lasser invited 14 contemporary artists from the United States and the United Kingdom to break from their usual practices and make a work of art using only one tool. For a group of artists who are accustomed to working with extensive tool kits that include dental drills and 3D printers, this commission presented a thought-provoking challenge. The Tool at Hand presents these finished works and the tools used to craft them together with short videos produced by each artist.

In conjunction with The Tool at Hand, Museum of Contemporary Craft invited students of PNCA and OCAC to apply for The Tool at Hand PDX Challenge, which tests skills and creativity by asking emerging artists and designers to create work of art made using only one tool. Awardees of MoCC’s juried challenge will have their projects displayed in MoCC’s Community Showcase Gallery and Lab during the final weeks that The Tool at Hand will be on view, December 5, 2013 – January 11,2014.

The Tool at Hand PDX Challenge artists:

Stephanie Brachmann, PNCA
Ivan Carmona, OCAC
Christian Donnelly, PNCA/OCAC
John Dougherty, PNCA
Danielle Foushee, PNCA
Mario Gallucci, PNCA
Natalie Jenkins, OCAC
Alyssa Kail, PNCA/OCAC
Megan Mesloh, OCAC
Jesse Taylor, OCAC

Exhibition Opening:
Thursday December 5, 6 - 8pm