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Artist-in-Residence: Deborah Valoma

Jul 5, 2011 – Jul 16, 2011



Deborah Valoma choreographs and documents a dance performance based on the structure and movements of Herrick’s weaving drafts. Herrick, whose “Weaving in Motion” lecture slides are available on the Museum’s website, believed that the execution of a weaving could be less of a challenge if weavers understood the fluidity of the physical steps involved in winding, warping and weaving on a loom. Valoma’s project calls attention to the physical movements involved in weaving, and how weaving is a spatial practice.

Deborah Valoma is the director of fine arts and associate professor of textiles at California College of the Arts, where her specialized field of research is the cultural history of textiles as a global aesthetic practice. Deborah has served on the board of directors of several community-based organizations that focus on the preservation of traditional performance arts from diverse cultures and countries, including Cuba and Brazil. Through her studio work, she explores the material, conceptual and poetic nuances of the medium of fiber through a hybrid practice that incorporates digital weaving technologies and hand processes.

Learn more about Laurie Herrick: Weaving Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.</a></p>


Free for Museum members; $3 general admission


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