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The Brain Food Lab

Feb 18 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Free for Museum members; $4 general admission.

Community Events

You’’ve seen in the exhibition Studio H: Design. Build. Transform. how the creative process can transform learning, develop critical thinking skills, and connect students to their environment in exciting and bold ways. The Brain Food Lab is a real-life, hands-on demonstration of these concepts. Please help us by experimenting in our working laboratory.

This project is inspired by Brain Food, a set of DIY activities conceived by the local arts education partnership The Right Brain Initiative to engage children and adults in imaginative, exploratory learning experiences. Brain Food activities integrate an artistic approach with other school subject areas, modelling the kind of learning that Right Brain brings to over 11,000 students and nearly 600 teachers in the Portland metropolitan region.

AIGA Portland, the local professional association for design, and The Right Brain Initiative are now joined in a unique partnership to expand the Brain Food activities into a physical card deck that will be available in 2012 to Right Brain teachers and on sale to the public.